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I am Anil Krishna– the man behind Bookzhub website.

Anil Krishna


I am so passionate about technology, and I am striving hard to provide valuable information to the people who visit my website. The digital world of marketing never fails to fascinate me.

I love the feel when somebody gets some fruitful information and they get benefited out of my website.

I always believe that there is nothing to lose in sharing what we know. That is why I created this website: Bookzhub, to help the passionate people out there to make the right choice.

Here at Bookzhub, I provide detailed descriptions about almost all books, written by renowned authors all around the globe.

You will never go wrong in choosing the next book to read when you have Bookzhub at your reach. Seek, search, find, know and buy, and enjoy!

Bookzhub is one of the best niche websites that help its readers make the right choice on a worthwhile book to read. We help you compare, contrast, decide and buy- all at the same place. Bookzhub is socially responsive through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.,

Books of all fields of interest can be found on Bookzhub, and we also provide sensible and unbiased reviews for each book which assures you of making the right choice. You can find books in all genres such as Business & Economics; Arts, Film & Photography; Fantasy, Horror & science fiction; Action & adventure; Children’s and Young adult. We at Bookzhub are committed to making the blissful experience of reading books, a more fruitful one for you.


In this section of Bookzhub, you are presented with the reviews of every book which makes its presence on my website. Most often, when the book review is given in websites, they tend to be biased and based on personal liking or disliking of the particular book. But here at Bookzhub, I ensure that the review of the book is made based on an opinion of neither the ones who like it, nor the ones who dislike it. The reviews are neutral to all, and are clear.

We take the necessary time and effort to prepare a detailed description and review of each book. This guarantees you of knowing what the book actually is, how it is carried on through consecutive pages, of what talent the author is, and all sorts of details regarding the book. We put in so much effort in letting you know all the insights of the particular book, so that you never go wrong with your choice of reading.

You can read the review of the book, know everything that you need to know before choosing a book, so that you never regret spending the money you spent for it. You get all the information regarding the book, which lets you know how far the book is worthwhile to read.


This is the section of Bookzhub where you get to know which are the five books that prove to be the most worthy of your time and money. I am so much interested in helping you find the best books that are impressing more and more people each day, all within minutes of your time is spent.

At any given instant of time, the list of best books could change. As new and newer books hit the market each day, it is hard to find which would actually prove worthy of your time and money. We take utmost care in deciding which five of the millions of books win a place in this section of Bookzhub. Most often, books that reach this section of Bookzhub are from the most prolific and most renowned authors of the world.

I really wish I could say that the books are from the authors of the 21st century. But I’m sorry that I am helpless as many authors in the preceding centuries to have been so talented that they give a tough rival to the 21st-century books. Not just the latest best books, but the evergreen best books of all time: The Best 5 Books section of Bookzhub is an all in one place where you find the five must-read books of the time.

The versatility of the books that reach here is wide-ranging. From Business books to self-help, personality development, religious and spiritual, fiction, comics, there isn’t a genre that we ignore while selecting the books that appear here to your ready access.


I am glad to make your reading experience more convenient by making all books reviewed and rated in Bookzhub, readily available for your purchase, right away from Bookzhub. Here at Bookzhub, after making your choice of book, you can conveniently come to the Bookstore section and buy the book of your choice at cheaper costs.

Not just ready availability, you also get your books at lower costs. You can find the actual cost of the book just near the price here at Bookzhub. The wide-ranging books, by different authors from around the globe, all in the same place at affordable costs.

The category-wise organised segregation of books makes it a step easier for you to purchase the books of your taste. Any book you need in any genre, you name it, we have it.


Being an online marketing aspirant myself, it is my pleasure to give the readers of my website with books which help them accumulate more wealth by achieving what they aspire. Bookzhub, though is a collection of all genres of books in it, I provide extra care when providing books related to success, self-help, business ideas, money-making, and books related to business and economics.

You get lots of inspiration from real-life instants which successful people write about, in such success stories and business books. Inspiring you with a fruitful experience of reading a book is the prime motto of Bookzhub. I, through Bookzhub, am striving to help you read more, dream more, do more, get more, achieve more and live your life to the fullest- with the help of valuable books.