What was Napoleon Hill’s net worth?

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Napoleon Hill’s net worth:

Napoleon Hill has become a point of attraction nowadays. Readers are so much inspired by him. But many readers are a step more curious and are so much yearning to know answers for many questions about Napoleon Hill. Some questions are very rare and strange. But some questions are most common. In the line of such most frequently asked questions, the first one will be “What was Napoleon Hill’s net worth?”.

Napoleon Hill had helped hundreds of people in accumulating excessive wealth and fortune. Most millionaires and billionaires can be without a doubt, called as disciples of Napoleon Hill. When so many fortunate men and women around the world, having their net worth in seven to ten figures of dollars, it is very very normal and common for you to have this question in your mind.

Napoleon Hill's net worth


Birth name: Napoleon Hill
Napoleon Hill’s Wife: Florence Elizabeth Hornor (married 1910–1935).
Children: Blair Hill
Nationality: American
Began career: 1928–1970



Napoleon Hill reached heavenly abode in the year 1970. His evergreen principles enshrined in numerous books authored by him have made many people get fortunate. But he did not make as much as fortune as his ‘disciples made’. There is contrasting information given on the internet about the net worth of Napoleon Hill. Some people claim that his net worth was $5 million. The others estimate it to be $2 million. Some say it was $1 million. But people who ask the question never believe any such estimation.

Seriously? How would people believe if some random blogger comes and says that Napoleon Hill helped people make billions of money, and he did not have a net worth more than $5 million !!?

Though it is hard to believe, the fact is that Napoleon Hill did not have a net worth more than $5 million. After decades of debate and quarrels, people now agreed upon $1 million to $5 million as the range of Napoleon Hill’s net worth. This value was in the year 1970, which is equivalent to $6.4 million to $32 million (approximately) in 2017.

It is an obvious fact that it is lower than the 10 figures that appear when you search for the net worth of billionaires of today, who have surely read books written by Napoleon Hill. Interesting right !!?

But of what use is it to know the net worth of such a great man who authored books like Think and Grow Rich, Law of Success, Outwitting the Devil, and many more books with the ultimate secrets of Personal Development and money-making practically!? Almost every millionaire and billionaire of today owes his success to the books written by Napoleon Hill. Hill had made many millionaires, then making millions. Maybe that is the reason why people are more curious to search the net worth of Hill than searching the net worth of the millionaires and billionaires he helped to make.

Maybe if we could add such precious books in the net worth, his net worth would have been unbeatable even by Bill Gates, now by Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffet. Because we never know which second who becomes the richest person. But we know for certain that such books are more valuable than a 10 figure net worth. Maybe such ‘richest’ people might be arising newer and newer, but nobody can replace the evergreen works of such highly talented authors.

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