Think and Grow Rich- the book that took a quarter of a century for the making

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Think and Grow Rich: 13 STEPS DRAFTED IN 25 YEARS:

Think and Grow Rich is a book which took two and a half decades in its making. Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” is the first book to teach the Andrew Carnegie formula for money-making. The book takes you through the thirteen steps that take you to riches beyond your wildest dreams. The book is not just of philosophy. Over a five hundred distinguished wealthy men proved that this philosophy is practical by using it for achieving great heights.

Napoleon Hill had carefully analysed those men of great fortune for a long period of years. All that he observed together comprise the money-making secrets discussed in the book.


Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Carnegie

Like said before Andrew Carnegie is the person who inspired Hill to write the book. When Hill was a small boy, Andrew had tossed the idea into Hill’s mind. But, it took years for Hill to understand the complete significance of what Andrew said.

As Hill slowly understood things, Andrew asked Hill if he would be willing to spend twenty years or more preparing himself to take it to the world.

The money-making secret, without which people spend the rest of their lives as failures, is what Andrew said. With the cooperation of Andrew Carnegie, Hill had taken it to the people of the world through his book




Hill chose the most appropriate factor that we need first and foremost for success. Whatever be our goal, wherever we wish to reach, we will never reach until we actually know where our destination is. Aspire to inspire before you expire. There is no limit to desire. The difference lies in how hard we work towards achieving that desire.

Nothing can be achieved unless and until you have just hope, just a wish. Beyond them both, you need to have a keen DESIRE in order to achieve. The desire to win is the foremost essential thing to succeed. Every achievement starts up when you dream.

Here in this chapter, Hill says Desire outwits mother nature! Reading this chapter exposes a completely different perspective that Hill possesses. Of course, it would always interest us to know a different perspective of life, that too from a person who lived decades before we were even born.


Hill writes FAITH is the head chemist of the mind. Faith, Hill says, induces Infinite Intelligence into us. Step one done? Now step two. This is where you are to visualise your desire. This is where you have to believe that you can attain your desire. The faith you develop serves as the second step towards the riches.


The subconscious mind and the conscious mind have a communication agency. This is termed as the third step towards success by Napoleon Hill. The thoughts that we permit to dominate our conscious mind directly or indirectly influence the subconscious mind.


You go closer and closer to your goal when you develop SPECIALISED KNOWLEDGE. Merely learning business theories would never take you to success. The personal experiences you gain, the observations you make, and the way you use it to develop knowledge are the factors that comprise the fourth step to success.


What you desire gains shape and form only through IMAGINATION. Imagine, plan and deduce your strategy according to the era you belong.


Okay. Desired. I am having faith. My self-suggestion has been positive. I gained knowledge over relevant matters. I used my imaginative skills. Now what? Now starts the actual process. Organised planning. Whatever we do, it is essential that we devise our plan in an organised fashion, for us to reach the destination.


Think and Grow Rich

The decision is defined as the conclusion or resolution reached after consideration. This is where most potential men go wrong, and end up as failures. They either decide too late or change their decision very frequently. Either way, it is of no use. Decisions are subject to change, but only when there is a need. As far as you uphold your decision, you can continue to overcome obstacles easily. Ultimately, making this an important step for money-making.


This is indeed the most important factor for achieving any goal. People who excessively accumulate money are often referred to as cold-blooded or even ruthless. The fact is that they blend their will-power and persistence to achieve their objectives. In the book, Hill quotes real-life examples who proved that persistence could take you to heights. Hill also briefly gives the story of each such person, which is interesting to read.

Hill explains in detail, of how the magnitude of persistence would determine the speed in achieving the goal. Wondering if you are persistent or not? Then read “Think and Grow Rich”, where Hill quotes brilliant symptoms of lack of persistence. The best thing about Hill is that he never stops by saying what the problem is. He continues to give the solution too. Hill clearly lists out ways to develop persistence.


Hill says plans are inert and useless, without sufficient power to translate them into action. Power as in terms of Hill’s writing does not refer to electric power or political power or something of that sort. Rather, it describes knowledge, which is considered most powerful wen organised and directed intelligently.

Power is important for both accumulation of money, as well as retention of it after being accumulated. So it is now proved that power is necessary. But how to gain the power? Hill answers this question in-depth on how to gain power using the ‘mastermind’. Hill quotes that No person may achieve power without availing himself to the “mastermind”.


Hill calls Sex as an emotion and also says that it changes the state of mind. Unlike typical people, what Hill said about the relationship between sex and money-making was different. When people say Sex distracts and makes us lose concentration on goals, Hill said that sex has the potential to transform mediocrity into ‘genius’ through transmutation. He writes that the emotion of sex contains the secret of creative ability.

Hill then lists down the 10 stimuli to which the extent of response of human brain is high. In order of decreasing rate of response,

1. The desire for expression of sex


3.A burning desire for fame, power, and MONEY

4. Music

5. Friendship

6.Spiritual alliance of masterminds

7.Mutual Suffering



10.Narcotics and Alcohol.

Hill lists this because, response to stimuli increases rates of vibration in forms of enthusiasm, creative imagination, and intense desire. So the fact that desire for sex expression comes at the top, makes it obvious that it creates more impact on our imagination and creativity. Not only that but also encourages us to start the implementation of the plan which might even lift a person to the state of ‘genius’.

Other interesting topics that Hill writes on in this chapter are :

=> “Genius is developed through sixth sense”, where he explains the importance of conscience.

=> “Why men seldom succeed before forty”, this is the part where he explains in detail about what we all keep wondering. The reasons why men could rarely succeed before forty are stated in-depth poking the noses of billionaire kids who never achieve it, rather just enjoy it.


Think and Grow Rich

Almost all who are reading this now would probably know what subconscious mind is. It is a phenomenon that works throughout the day in a process mysterious to man. It draws upon the forces of infinite intelligence for the power with which it voluntarily transmutes one’s desires into their respective monetary equivalent. The subconscious mind uses always the most practical way by which this may be achieved.

Hill writes that the subconscious mind is the connecting link between the finite mind of man and infinite intelligence. Hill then writes about the seven major positive emotions and the seven major negative emotions. Some points that he discussed in that topic are that positive and negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time. Also, it is practically possible to stop the negative emotions from entering our mind. This can be achieved by forming a habit of always applying positive emotions.



In this chapter, Hill starts by presenting anecdotes relevant to the topic. Continues to write that “THE GREATEST FORCES ARE INTANGIBLE” where he says that all of us are controlled by forces which are unseen and intangible. This chapter seems to add up more interest as it involves discussion about almost every topic discussed earlier, almost like giving a recap before the final step towards riches.


This chapter is the best part of the book. It is where we sense the feel of attaining something new and valuable. Hill sums up all the chapters, apart from adding special points in the last step towards riches. The sixth sense is the apex of philosophy. It can be understood and applied only if you master the other twelve principles. The sixth sense defies description! It is practically impossible to explain it someone who does not know anything about the other twelve principles. It is a mix of both mental and the spiritual arenas. Hill writes that “through the aid of the sixth sense, you will be warned of impending dangers in time to avoid them, and notified of opportunities in time to embrace them”. This chapter really makes it sad because we realise that such an interesting book is about to end, but that is where Napoleon Hill has a surprise.


Hill does not stop with the intended 13 steps for money-making alone, but goes a step higher and writes about the fears that we might face on the path towards making your goal a reality and achieving a monetary benefit. He, as usual, doesn’t stop with briefing you on the fears, rather continues to explain ways to overcome them.

The six fears that Hill discusses are :

=>The fear of poverty

=>The fear of criticism

=>The fear of ill health

=>The fear of loss of the love of someone

=>The fear of old age

=>The fear of death

Of course, these are the fears that each one of us faces at some point in time in our life. Hill discusses each of these fears in detail, their symptoms and the ways to overcome them.


Napoleon Hill has brilliantly interlinked the chapters. This gives you a feel like never before. There is not just continuity, but a lot of meaning in each sentence. Think and Grow Rich is different from others self-help books that help you to achieve monetary benefits.

This book is not just written solely based on philosophy or thoughts that arise in moments, rather, this book is written after a quarter century full of research. Moreover, men who gathered fortune proved that it is an implementable reality, unlike the superstitious philosophy which is practically impossible as portrayed in many books. This book not just shows you what to do, but also shows you how to do.

Think and Grow Rich is not just a book full of money-making secrets, but a book that changes out life completely. It has the problems discussed, and the solutions were given. Moreover, it is astonishing to read the book and understand that a book written in the year 1937 seems to be apt even for the present day society and business. The world has changed, but such books make us realise that the basis on which human life sustains never changes.

Think and Grow Rich is a book that proved it worth eventually. By reading such a book of money-making secrets, you can master the secret of true and lasting success. Having whatever you want in your life implies that your life is based on the knowledge you gain. Such a book is a storehouse of such an immense knowledge which does multiple roles. You read history, fiction, self-help, personality development, and business all at once.

Reading this one book can change your perspective totally, and take your life to a whole new standard of living. Some people might think it is a waste of time, but what clever businessmen do is the potential investment. Being such a rich content, your time put in is never wasted. Rather, it is invested and is bound to give you profitable outcomes.

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