Who was the Rich Dad in Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Who was the Rich Dad in Rich Dad Poor Dad?

Robert T Kiyosaki, the multimillionaire who retired at the age of 47! Can you believe it!? He raised himself to a multimillionaire status, and even retired even before he lived half a century on earth! Maybe, this is a dream-life that most of us think of achieving. But how did this happen? In case this is a question running through your mind right now, you shall find the answer for it in this article. Read through to find your way towards accumulating an enormous fortune.


Rich Dad Poor Dad

Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Author: Robert Kiyosaki

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Rich dad Poor dad can be called the autobiography of Robert Kiyosaki. If you are one of the people who is wondering how he could be so fortunate, you can find the detailed answer in Rich Dad Poor Dad, the bestseller of the Rich Dad series authored by Robert Kiyosaki.

Robert is the son of a well-learned professional who seldom knew how to be rich. Robert, who studied in a school where the children of many rich people studied, was so much curious about becoming rich. The story is carried forward when Robert and his best friend Mike decided to become business partners at the age of nine!. Mike’s dad, a man who believed that financial education is not taught in schools, rather schools teach only professionalism, agreed to teach Robert and Mike on how to become rich.

Robert standing in a road which diverged into two different paths, one in which he agrees to obey his own father (whom he refers to as poor dad), the other in which he gains financial education from Mike’s father (whom Robert refers to as Rich dad), decided to take the second choice despite the pain he had to overcome to overrule his own father. The life lessons he learns from his ‘rich’ dad comprise the chapters of the book Rich dad poor dad.

This man whom Robert calls his rich dad like said before is the father of Robert’s best friend Mike. An active businessman who worked three-quarters of each day to build his business empire. Robert in Rich dad Poor dad describes that his rich dad and his poor dad were similar in their energy and calibre.

Robert adds that the difference between them was that his poor dad wanted him to learn well and graduate, and do an MBA in a business school, and earn decently. But his rich dad thought like said before, that financial freedom can be gained only with financial education which is never taught in classrooms.

Unlike other business self-help book authors, Robert Kiyosaki stands a real-life example himself, for all that he ever writes in his books. Any typical man seeks success and fortune. Robert Kiyosaki often says that if we need to reach somewhere it is better to learn from someone who already reached there. That is why any typical person seeking success and recognition in life needs to read books by Robert Kiyosaki. Indeed his books are worthwhile our time and money, after all, we are not going to lose anything, rather gain life-lessons that would make it easier for us to accumulate enormous wealth and fortune.

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